What is KI Social ?

The KI SOCIAL is a new social media analytics tool, powered by KI DESIGN, that is designed to help individuals, brands and companies utilize Big Data Analytics to engage the public, no matter their size. Increase your understanding of citizens' opinions and demands through social media, and ultimately, boost your campaign strategy. KI SOCIAL combines data intelligence from reputable sources and enables the configuration of keyword monitoring, feeds, and much more

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Analyze your tweets and followers.


Explore + find out the influential users, popular content to tweet, and who to follow.



The paid subscription allows these users to select what topics and hashtags and keywords they want to follow, so that they can analyze the community, the content, as well as access various graphs and KI Social visualizations tools.


The media user is an extension of the Analyst, but with more of a slant toward promotion and tracking how a particular product or cause is being discussed on social media, such as during conferences when a Twitter Wall is created so the KI Social is able to track all the tweets and users using thr hashtag


The Politician user group is able to access everything the Media user does, but with mroe emphasis placed on conversation and demographics as they are able to track tweets coming out of a specific geographic location, such as their riding or city.



This is our premium user group with no limits on what they can search, the amount of data they can obtain and the amount of support they can receive.


Unlike other social media analytics, KI Social is able to offer:


Geographical Data

We determine the countries and cities where tweets originate using a mix of geo-tagged coordinated from mobile devices, and other attributes such as users profile/bio information, time zones, languages and content of their tweets.


Customized Text Analysis

KI SOCIAL allows users to review conversations and select examples, offering flexible, customizable text analysis. The following diagram illustrates how can deliver text along with links to the user and data sources ( the user would click on the time-stamp for the source hyperlink).

Service 24/7/365
Unique to this tool is that the searches do not run out or expire until they are turned off. Unlike other systems, should our server go down there is a redundancy system available. Clients will be notified automatically if there is a problem, as well as be updated regarding corrective measures and service resumption.
Historical Data
KI SOCIAL provides a large indexed social media database. The KI-SOCIAL can also go back in time to examine historical events; this measn that even when it is turned off, our tool provides a historical and representatitve archive of twitter all day long.
Useful Reports
Users can export the metrics and data from each analysis into Excel, PDF, or image format (Jpeg). Additionally, workspaces allow users to pull in multiple visuals from a variety of analysis into one comprehensive reports, or Excel workbook. Finally, if interested, data can be extracted through the API.
Instant Analysis of You & Your Competitors
Results will run immidiately after you tell the tool what accounts and what time frame you would like to monitor. New Politico can monitor your own content as well as your peers and opponents.
Various Analytics Techniques
New Politico uses the following analytic techniques:
  • NLP (Proprietary)
  • NLP (Via Partner)
  • Keyword-Based Sentiment Analysis
  • Pattern-Based Analysis
  • Location-Based Analysis
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Machine-Learning: Active Learning
  • Image Analytics



Building your brand

Individuals and companies who are about effectively analyze social media content will always be one step ahead of the game. Advanced social media analyzing tools, such as the KI SOCIAL can monitor social media (i.e.: Twitter and Facebook) and other internet platforms (i.e.: blogs, forums and media sharing websites) and provide actionable steps. For example, the tool can allow you to identify key people or up and coming figures who can help you advance your campaign and draw national attention. Having the right people on your team is crucial. Further, such social media analyzing tools can benchmark and track the performance of your social media accounts to identify which content is driving engagement and understand whether those conversations are positive or negative, who’s getting involved, and more.

Building your brand
Design your marketing campaign
Track Competitors
Know your Audience Better
Be more visible
Share more valuable clients